Responsive Mobile Design

Before you leave your house you checked Facebook and email using a mobile device. The average person does check throughout the day one device or another, your business should be there for them to see.

Knowing how your digital business presence is doing in the mobile world is critical, as is your business site.

Responsive web design is our industry standard

Your Users have expectations, your site’s layout should change depending on the devices screen size being used to view your site. We live in a time where sites are not only being visited by a variety of different devices and screen sizes but are most likely to being returned to at different times using a different device.

Responsive Web design ensures the consistency of the content of your site. Not that long ago, it was the common standard to have a website with a simple desktop-specific design and a separate one design for mobile devices, both individually optimized for varying screen sizes. Whenever a visitor arrives at your website, the platform would figure out what device the user is using, and then send them to the correct version of the pages of the website. But what about nowadays, when your visitor might be on a tablet, mini-tablet, “phablet,??? or possibly even a smart watch?

Best practice for your digital presences survival against the wave of updates, that will come, is to make one seductive design that will automatically present your content to fit the visitor’s screen size.

The finer details of responsive mobile web design

  • Performance & Speed: A website that has been optimized to work on every device should have performance in mind. Your site will likely load far more quickly than your competitor’s traditional website.
  • Cheaper & Easier: Coding and Building just one website – even an extremely elaborate one that adjusts its size – is far easier, faster and therefore cheaper for you long-term & short than creating several different optimized sites. Plus having one website to manage and one place to manage your site will make it easier to maintain and keep it updated.
  • Simple Maintenance: Once optimized for a responsive design, and you edit your existing content, it automatically saves across all devices. The text, images, and videos you have on your website you’ve added or changed will be visible for anyone, no matter what device they are using at the time of their visit to your site.
  • No Domain Scramble: Every page only has one address (no separate “ pages), which is far less confusing and easier to manage for people sharing links to your site, and it makes it easier for search engines such as Google to find your content & distribute it to the people you are trying to reach.

How responsive is your site?

How To check Responsive Design:

Step 1: Open up your Business’s website on a  desktop or laptop computer.

Step 2: Drag the edges/corners of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to make the page very narrow (Approximately the size of a mobile screen), then very wide, repeat multiple times.

Do you see your website changing? A truly responsive design will rearrange items, change your menus to smaller, compact, finger-sized buttons, and update the number of page columns to adjust to the size of the page. If you are having trouble reading or displaying text or images on your site, that means it may be time for a mobile update as thousands of prospective customers search for you on the go.