Reporting & Analysis

The greatest advantage to digital marketing is the ability to track your efforts and to make changes as needed. Tracking your results is part of the campaign strategy where we build in analytics to know how changes effect traffic, site use, and actual sales gained. With digital marketing making changes to the campaign are quick and efficient with quality results.

Offline ads limits your control for best results, with digital marketing your ads can target predetermined audience and have a measurable result to determining your future marketing budgets.

Digital analytics and reporting generally have:

  • Universal Google Analytics and a custom dashboard designed to reflect the key measurements that are most important to your campaign.
  • Conversion tracking so you can understand which audience is coming to your site spending time and actually convert whether it be a lead form, actual sale or phone call.
  • Phone tracking – is great for lead generation and eCommerce sites where every call counts.
  • Ranking tracking is used to help evaluate the success of an onsite SEO optimization campaign and determine your share of traffic for specific keyword phrases.
  • Social media metrics such as reach, the share of voice and engagement are all important to understand if you are reaching the right audience in your social media campaign.
  • Full campaign analysis should be done at least quarterly to determine what is working the best and where course adjustments may need to be made to increase the return on your investment.
  • Other advanced analytics techniques such as A/B testing are also extremely valuable for making sure that every dollar spent is getting the best return.

Analytics is what Galifrey interactive does, from our first introduction to the paid search and social media management. We believe in the numbers.