Native Advertising

Galifrey Interactive is an experience team of native ads writers– sponsored ads in as articles in an editorial for site content.

The reading and sharing of Information is the building trend. Traditional ads like banners have dissipated in marketing strategies. Putting content marketing on the line for providing entertaining content messages.

Find the best editorial feeds on the web for your site

Galifrey’s platform place your native ads in the best locations on the web, for a reliable cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Content is the engine behind native advertising results, our team will build the right content for the marketing message to bring relevant to your audience. Clickable and Sharable thats the goal.

Galifrey partners up with you to get content on the proper media outlets. Heres where media management comes in to monitor and promote Native ads. Ads for search engines optimizing, target audience building with social media and paid ads.

Client loyalty can start with the right native ads

Theres nothing new about native advertising, it used to be in the form of advertorials but the pendulum is predicted that native ads have to entertain and provide information to sell.

Native advertising is now a written entertainment marketing tool for selling. Our team brings perspective writers to promote your content to target a wide range audience.