Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is a low-cost high traffic approach for reaching your audience. Our team builds content from our content marketing strategy designed around your business needs.

Our Email marketing goal is simple: to have your audience open and read your email, and acting by means purchase of your products and/or services.

  • You need a template design that stays out of spam filters by ensuring that email design best practices are followed such as having the right text to image ratio.
  • You want a clean design and engaging content for your email that keeps customers reading your message and grab the phone to call your business.
  • In today’s world, all emails must be designed to be mobile friendly. All our email designs are tested for mobile users.
  • We track your results to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Once the email is sent, we can retarget your list online with display ads that will continue to help deliver your message with quality and brand your business.

It all comes down to the list

You have a customer email list, at Galifrey Interactive we will build your audience email list. Our team keeps an updated list and can suggest and implement strategies to grow your own list with a national database to build your listing– with geographic and demographic information. Your target audience will be detailed to fit your business.

Recordable Results and Campaign support

Galifrey email marketing can bring recordable results. We will report opening rates, interaction time, and conversions from your emails. The data collected will benefit future e-mail marketing strategies and optimization on your return on investment (ROI).

We believe in higher than industry standards with our email marketing campaigns, with Galifrey customer support. Our team will work with your needs to run your campaign and to achieve the goal.