Content Marketing

Galifrey Interactives team strategically plans to draw in your customers through content experiences that bring quality results and communicate the quality of your brand.

Content marketing is the design, promotion, and development of content for a target audience. With a quality content marketing strategy, your content will be rich therefore will reach more of your customers and will build your brand loyalty.

It’s the difference between repeating the same message in the same way and showing your brand to be the quality resource your clients can trust to be up-to-date.

What is content?

The goal of your content is to be relevant, informative, engaging and often entertaining. When you get online you see it the latest news, status updates, e-mail coupons, shopping. With Galifrey Interactive creating your content, we strategize for promoting a greater audience reach, so your brand becomes a trusted reliable source of information for your customers.

With Galifrey creating your content we build strategies for promoting for greater audience reach, so your brand becomes a trusted source of information, Tips and entertainment.

With Content Marketing our team create branded and engaging content such as:

  • Company blogs or landing pages
  • White papers, definitive guides, e-books
  • Interactive graphics, maps, charts and other resources
  • Videos, podcasts and other multimedia
  • Email blasts or newsletters

When we partner up with you to define your target audience(s) we build a content marketing strategy that targets three phases in your audience(s) partnership: Discovery, Sales, & Retention.

What does content marketing do for your business?

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Increases traffic and conversions to website
  • Increases customer leads and sales
  • Builds authority and fosters trust which leads to customer referrals
  • Establishes your brand and staff as experts who can solve problems
  • Increases customer retention and repeat sales

Galifrey Interactive uses every tool at its disposal to accomplish your goals. Our first tool is the highest-quality content we produce, our other tools range from tools such as digital public management, on-page organic SEO, link building and learning strategies, social media management, and more. We bring a unique experience pool around each business to build your content strategies for each campaign.

Our teams dedication to creative content marketing, allows us to back our results with data gathered. We bridge the gape between clients and their target markets to increase sales with inbound marketing services and content strategy supported by quality content. Its just our way.

Our interactive and enhanced design for your content marketing will be a part of our inbound marketing services by:

  • Providing the fuel for social media
  • Growing organic traffic for SEO
  • Earning links and mentions for SEO
  • Creating landing pages for PPC Campaigns
  • Building digital assets to grow e-mail or newsletter lists

Contact us today to find out more about what content marketing can do for your business.